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Previsto presents delivery addresses - wherever you want

With Previsto's newest feature, you can schedule delivery of your tasks to addresses other than the customer's own address. With the new ability to specify the delivery address on appointments and tasks, it's easy to schedule work to be delivered to addresses that differ from the customer's own address. Previsto today released a new feature that makes it easier to deliver services to addresses other than the customer's address. This can often be a need if a customer has many addresses but needs to have the invoice sent to one specific address. Or the need may arise if you perform work as a subcontractor for another company.

Delivery address on agreements

When a delivery address is specified on a contract, all future tasks for that contract will be scheduled to the delivery address instead of the customer's address. Different delivery addresses can be set on the individual appointments under a customer. In other words, it is possible to have one customer with different appointments that each have their own delivery address and thus schedule work at many different locations for the same customer. When the delivery address is specified on an appointment, all future tasks for the appointment will be scheduled to that address

Delivery address on tasks

It is also possible to specify a delivery address specifically for a single task. This may be needed if a single task in a series of tasks needs to be delivered to a separate address. Or if you create a standalone task that is not linked to an agreement, it is also possible to specify a delivery address for it. This way you can deliver your service wherever you want without changing the customer's address. Deliver your services wherever you want