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Password-free access

We've changed the way you log in to Previsto to a more simple and secure process based on industry standards for account authentication - without passwords.

Streamlined login without passwords

Using Previsto's new login is quick and easy. There's no need to create or manage passwords. A short code is automatically sent to your email to log in and your device is logged in - securely.

Next generation account security

Eliminating personal passwords dramatically improves security. The codes you receive are system-generated, cannot be reused and can only be used for a short time. And when Previsto doesn't store any personal passwords, it's a less interesting target for hackers.

Unified login across devices

With our unique login system, you'll experience a consistent user interface when logging in on all your devices. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device, you'll be greeted by the same intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy and seamless for you to access your data and information, no matter where you are and what you're using. Welcome to the world of simple and agile planning with Previsto.