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Our redesign: Service agreements - part 2

As promised in our previous blog post, we would deliver a new and simpler design for service agreements. The new design brings an improved focus, comments and templates.

New design for service agreements

The new service agreement design provides new opportunities to get a clear overview of the planning of a service agreement. The most important data has been brought into focus, subtasks are available and you can add comments directly on the agreement. And as something completely new, you can now also create templates so you can easily create new agreements with pre-filled data.


As part of the new design, it is now possible to create subtasks on service agreements. Both the main task and the subtasks will be created on the same scheduled task. Service agreements with subtasks


We have added the option to add comments to the service agreement. This allows you to communicate internally in the context of the individual service agreement.

Comments on service agreements


To make it easier to create service agreements, we have added the ability to create templates for service agreements. Templates can be created and edited under Settings > Templates. When creating a new service agreement, it is possible to use the created templates to pre-populate the service agreement.

Service agreement templates

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