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Our Redesign: Service Agreements

As the next step in our design overhaul, we are continuing to redefine and optimize the foundations of Previsto. In this post, we will present the upcoming new UI for Service agreements.


New tools for planning service agreements

When you have many service agreements, it can be difficult to get an overview of how they are scheduled over time in relation to each other. With our new service agreement tools, it's now much easier to get an overview.


New video explaining Continuous Planning

No matter how good you get at planning, changes will happen. Cars will break down. Employees get sick. Customers demand changes. And then your route will need to change to stay optimal. But how do you ensure this?


Export improved

We're thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform's export functionality that will revolutionize the way you handle data: Exporting from all tables directly to Excel format.


More languages supported

In the realm of planning and organization, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we have expanded Previsto's language support to include German, Swedish, and Norwegian.


Finally our new UI is released

Now, 2 months after the beta release of our new web UI, we are proud to announce the first final release, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a seamless user experience.


Password-free access

We've changed the way you log in to Previsto to a more simple and secure process based on industry standards for account authentication - without passwords.